Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update on Misque 2008

Hi, folks. We're starting this blog so we can keep everyone updated about what's going on with the Misque Writer's Retreat. We'll also use this blog to answer some more questions about Misque which aren't answered by the website.

Right now we're preparing for Misque Summer 2008 in Hawaii. No, we don't have the hotel picked yet; that will depend on how many participants we have. This year we will plan to have a professional photographer document the conference, and he's agreed to do free headshots for all our authors!


Phyllis said...

It would be useful if you put a link to your main page somewhere on your blog. Thanks!!

Misque Writer said...

Hi Phyllis,

Of course, you're right! The new entry has a link. I'll post it here too:

You can also just email me directly with any questions, or even just a general "hey what is this?"

Misque Writer said...

Oh, I'm a big dork. I gave you my email.
The main website is almost the same:

janaj said...

Have the week on Kauai, the most beautiful and most creative island in Hawaii.

We have a manuscript going to press next week. It is the first in a series of six novels. The others are in the works and a conference like this would be so beneficial to the entire series.

Would you also be giving guidance on screen play and movie connections at this conference?


Misque Writer said...

Hi JJ,

Thanks for commenting. As a matter of fact, I also love Kauai, and that probably IS where we will hold the retreat. I have a place in mind, but I don't know if it will be available this year. My fingers are crossed.

It's great to here you have a novel going to press, and that it's part of a series. (I'm a fast reader, so I like series because I can spend more time with characters or a world I love). Which press, may I ask, and what genre? Are you interested in attending Misque and if so, for the first novel in your series or a different book? (And if you're someone whose material I've read before and invited to come to Misque already, please forgive me for not recognizing your name out of context. I've been reading a lot of sample chapters lately, and I DO know who is who, but sometimes I need a reminder!)

If you are interested in attending Misque and this is your first time, just send the first chapter of your novel, along with word count and genre of the book.

You can also email me privately at


Misque Coordinator

p.s. You asked about screen plays and movie connections. What writer wouldn't want his/her book made into a (good) film? Once we have eveyone signed up for Misque, I'll poll participants about topics of greatest interest. If there is interest in this, then, yes, we will cover it.